***Important*** My books are now CLOSED, I’m booked up until the end of the year and will then be on Maternity leave until May 2020. I will re open my books before May and will post details of this on my Instagram. I will not be doing any London guest spots until announced. I really appreciate your patience in this time and look forward to your requests when I’m back to work!

Thank you for your interest in booking a tattoo with me!

In order to do so I require a certain set of information so that I can understand what type of design you would like and if I can make that happen for you. Please have a good idea of what you want and fill out this form thoroughly, any extra information that may have an effect on the design can be given in the ‘extra info’ section.


PLEASE READ ALL BELOW INFORMATION BEFORE FILLING IN FORM - I will not reply to booking forms if I feel you have not read all of this information.

My books are currently open for booking August - November appointments. I'm taking requests for custom tattoo designs and flash designs in this time period, if you are looking to book further in advance and are intending to travel from afar please specify what month in ‘extra info’ section.

Tattoo appointments are available Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm and I usually do a morning and afternoon sitting, 10am and 2pm. It is sometimes possible to fit two appointments into one slot if for instance you are coming with a friend and both having tattoos. longer sittings and day sittings are also available.

I’m having to be strict on the pieces I accept to develop my style and push my creativity and I’m really excited for the tattoos to come out of it, I really appreciate your interest in having a tattoo done by me and I really hope we can make that happen.

**IMPORTANT** I'm afraid as I don't have a receptionist and receive a high volume of e-mails daily whilst also tattooing full time, I am unable to reply to ALL emails. So if you don't receive a reply this means I am unable to help you with your tattoo at this time.


There is a minimum charge of £80 at my Cornwall studio, £100 at my guest spots in London

All tattoos under 2 hours work are priced individually, tattoos that take over 2 hours are charged by the hour. £75ph in my Cornwall studio, £100ph at London guest spots.

Prices are subject to change and you will be quoted a price when you book in for your piece. Quotes may change if some time has passed between your quote being given and booking in your appointment


Deposits are payable upon booking your slot, £30 - £50 in Cornwall, £50-£100 in London.
Deposits secure your booking and allow for me to draw up your design. They also give me the confidence that you are serious about having the tattoo.

Deposits are refundable if the cancellation is made no later than a week prior to the appointment so that no time is spent drawing the design. In the circumstance of a postponement the deposit will be held until your booking is rearranged. 

Designs are drawn up a few days before the appointment and will be sent to you to check. The design will always be sent to you before the appointment so please be patient and refrain from asking me where the design is, I will get it to you as soon as I can. 

I currently work in black and grey ink only.
I don’t do writing or numbers.
I don't currently tattoo on the ribs area. 


I am only accepting work that is in keeping with my current style which is dot work nature based pieces and mandalas, I may make an exception if I think an idea is really exciting, in this case please select ‘custom other’ in ‘type of design’ and explain idea thoroughly in the description box.

If you would like a custom tattoo design, please fill in the form accordingly and send any supporting reference images to sarah@die-monde.com with ‘[your name] reference images’ as the subject.

Please bare in mind that any reference imagery will be used as a ‘jumping off point’ only to help me envisage what you are describing, I will create a custom piece for you in my own style and will not copy other tattoos or designs. 
I will also use my experience and knowledge to make the best possible tattoo for you that will last forever, meaning if your proposed placement, size or detail isn’t suitable for the tattoo I will advise you on how we can adjust the idea to make for a good tattoo that will stand the test of time.


I generally will always have a selection of flash tattoo designs available that will only be tattooed once. These designs are a reflection of who I am as an artist, how I want my tattoo style to be and will always be what I prefer to tattoo. Because these are pre drawn designs, set sizes and pieces I want to tattoo, these may be slightly cheaper in price to custom work of a similar size or design.

If interested in flash, this can be found on my Instagram (@die_monde) and Facebook (Die-Monde Art and Tattoo studio) and can also be requested through e-mail ( sarah@die-monde.com) . The flash will be one off designs and will not be repeated, it is all likely to be nature based.

**For further information on handpoke tattooing please see the information at the end of this form**


Name *
please describe in detail your design idea, although I will draw the design how I feel it will work best in my style, it is still helpful to tell me shapes, perspectives or characteristics you like so I can get the design right first time!
Please explain here any extra information that you think relevant that I know or if you want to book further ahead of specified months above

Hand poke tattoo

There are certain differences with handpoke tattoo and machine tattooing to be aware of. 

- I may not always be able to tattoo an area you want because of the skin there being too thin or stretchy making it hard to tattoo by hand and risk of the tattoo not ageing well over time. Common areas for this are the ribs and upper inner arm. I have decided to no longer tattoo the ribs area at all, if you would like the inner upper arm ideally i would like you to come into 
the studio prior to your appointment to check the skin is ok. 

- A common misconception is that hand poke tattoo hurts more. Every artist is different but in my experience using my dotwork style it hurts less, there are less incisions made in the skin, meaning less trauma caused to the skin and therefore less pain, with healing time being much quicker too. That being said I would never suggest that pain is a good reason to decide whether you get a tattoo or not or whether you chose machine or hand poke. Find the artist who’s work you want on your skin forever and put up with the pain, it only lasts as long as the session and the tattoo lasts forever.

- I have also been asked a lot if hand poke tattoos fade over time. No is the simple answer to this... there is always the chance a tattoo will need a touch up, especially if it is super delicate but that is not the norm and is a possibility with machine and machine free tattooing on skin.

- A Handpoke tattoo will generally take longer than a machine tattoo does of the same size. How long a tattoo takes depends on many factors, for instance if a design has solid lines or very fine shading it will take longer to buildup the dots than simpler designs. When you think that every thing is being done by hand, without electricity, its not hard to work out why. Again the time a tattoo takes is not reason enough to decide on whether you go hand poke or machine, shading or linework.
I will do my best to estimate for you how long your tattoo will take but please understand that sometimes it may take longer so please allow for this, if you have somewhere to be afterwards please tell me before we start the tattoo. 

If you have any more questions about the Hand Poke process, and booking in don't hesitate to ask :)

Many thanks!